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Let’s Talk: Nurturing Social Emotional Learning



We are not born with social skills; we need to learn them. Social emotional learning and communication are intricately interconnected and develop within caring and interactive relationships.

Dr. Lucy Hart Paulson and Judi Dodson will discuss the interrelated developmental sequences of social communication skills and ways to create nurturing classrooms that foster social emotional learning. Young students are often vulnerable when they arrive in our classrooms. Specific approaches and activities are needed that can enhance the emotional climate of your classroom, creating safe havens in which children will grow both emotionally and academically.

Dr. Paulson and Ms. Dodson will share:

  • The connections between language, cognitive, and social/emotional learning
  • The developmental stages and age expectations for social communication skills
  • Factors that create a climate and culture that supports positive language and communication skills
  • Activities that will make your classroom a safe space for children, in which they will feel comfortable taking the risks necessary for social and academic growth

Dr. Lucy Hart Paulson

Judi Dodson

Dr. Lucy Hart Paulson
and Judi Dodson

Lucy Hart Paulson, Ed.D., CCC-SLP, is a speech-language pathologist and literacy specialist with years of experience working children and their families. She is the lead author of LETRS for Early Childhood Educators, Building Early Literacy and Language Skills, and Good Talking Words.

Judi Dodson, M.A., is a national LETRS trainer, and works with school districts on issues related to school change, teacher knowledge, and literacy achievement. she is the author of 50 Nifty Speaking and Listening Activities.

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