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Using the NAEP Data Explorer to Ask Better Questions, Find Better Answers

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Every two years, the NAEP delivers a wealth of data that lets us track and compare states, groups, and subgroups across borders and time. Focusing on fourth grade reading performance, this webinar will introduce you to NAEP’s all-powerful Data Explorer, a portal that will help you to go well beyond cookie-cutter reports of state performance.

During this webinar, you will learn how to make apples-to-apples comparisons that level the playing field, track groups and subgroups, as well as look at outcomes in finer detail to uncover better answers and next questions. If a state improved, did all groups benefit? If a state declined, did it occur across the board? Is a result a trend we can see during multiple years? 

You will be able to answer those questions and more by learning how to use the NAEP Data Explorer. Venture down the rabbit hole of data analysis and see where it takes you.

Steve Dykstra

Dr. Steve Dykstra

Dr. Steve Dykstra is a licensed psychologist, advocate for the science of reading, and, sometimes, a blunt warrior in the battle to improve reading instruction. In the course of that complex and surprising journey, Dr. Dykstra put his love of numbers and data to good use and learned how to dig around in the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) to harvest data, answer questions, and raise new questions that can guide our efforts and help persuade policy makers and the public. He knows we don't have data to answer every question. Where we do, however, those answers should guide us and help show the way to discovering the answers we don't have. Yet. 

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