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Develop Your Teachers into Literacy Experts



When teachers understand the WHY behind the HOW of teaching reading, students make greater gains—and are on track for lifelong success.

Administrators from Rapides Parish School Board in Louisiana will share how they are achieving incredible K–3 literacy results and making great strides in improving reading and literacy—intervening before students fall too far behind. Dr. Louisa Moats will discuss strategies to help:

  • Address the professional development piece of your reading initiative
  • Equip your teachers with the skills to teach early foundational reading
  • Empower your teachers to set all students on a trajectory toward grade-level reading proficiency

Dr. Louisa Moats Dr. Louisa Moats

Kimberly Bennett Kimberly Bennett

Alana Cohen Alana Cohen

Dr. Louisa Moats, Kimberly Bennett, and Alana Cohen

Dr. Louisa Moats is the lead author of LETRS® (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling). Kimberly Bennett is Deputy Assistant Superintendent of curriculum and instruction, and Alana Cohen is a District ELA Curriculum Specialist K–5, Rapides Parish School Board, Louisiana.

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