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What if Everyone Excelled in Math?



Tuesday, December 4, 2:00 p.m. CT

There is a common tendency today to link higher math standards for our students with the kind of achievement we see in other countries. A complementary thread is to link high standards in math to the broad trends in our ever-changing, information economy. High school students with only a basic understanding of mathematics don’t stand a chance against machines. High standards proponents commonly refer to our marquee industries such as finance, information technology, engineering, and biomedicine to reinforce the idea that mathematics is a gateway to a successful career. By implication, we need to ensure all students are proficient in this discipline. But, is this the case?

Join this enlightening, informative discussion with Dr. John Woodward, author of TransMath, as he explores what kind of mathematical preparation today’s students need to be successful in life.

As he explores how and why an alarming number of adults struggle with basic concepts in probability, common statistical concepts such as variance, and proportional change such as percent increase and decrease, he’ll share what needs to be strengthened in math education today.

You’ll learn:

  • How to build continuous success in mathematics so that it leads to a passing grade in college algebra, allowing many students to continue on to community college or trade schools immediately following high school so the math they have learned is not lost.
  • To consider other options than the traditional approach, such as some kind of “college in the high school” version of algebra.
  • How to improve motivation by helping struggling high school students learn the long-term benefits of subjects like Algebra II. It’s not about the math, it’s about the career.

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John Woodward

Dr. John Woodward

John Woodward, Ph.D., is a nationally recognized mathematics author, writer, and speaker. He is the author of TransMath® and NUMBERS professional development.

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