EDVIEW 360Webinar Series

The Science of Reading Webinar Series:

How Executive Function Affects Early Childhood Language and Literacy Skills

Reading Science

Executive function skills grow at a rapid rate during the early childhood years and provide an important foundation for language, literacy, cognitive, and social/emotional development. This session will describe strategies for helping young children develop these interconnected skills, making an important difference in their school and life success.

Attendees will learn to:

  • Describe executive function components and developmental skill expectations
  • Understand the impact of executive function skills on the other developmental domains
  • Implement evidence-based instructional strategies that facilitate the development of executive function skills in early childhood classrooms

Lucy Hart Paulson

Lucy Hart Paulson, Ed.D., CCC-SLP

Lucy Hart Paulson, Ed.D., CCC-SLP is a speech-language pathologist and literacy specialist with years of experience working with children and their families. She is the lead author of LETRS for Early Childhood Educators and Good Talking Words.

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