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Overcoming the Challenge of Poverty:
Helping Low-Income Students Move Toward Reading Success

Educators can inspire students to move beyond the confines of poverty and low achievement to gain skills they need for success.

Dr. Diane Vautrot will share her experiences leading a reading initiative in a public school system in a culture of poverty in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. You will learn how Vautrot and her team made dramatic improvements for students reading below grade level, including those with severe reading disabilities. With a staff committed to leading students to believe in their capabilities and a sound, low-cost reading program, teachers in Gilmer County Charter Schools are breaking the cycle of generational illiteracy and changing lives.

Diane Vautrot

Dr. Diane Vautrot

Dr. Vautrot is the Support Services Coordinator for Gilmer County Charter Schools in Georgia.

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