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Closing the Gap in California: Systemic Change to Improve Literacy Instruction and Outcomes



Many Students who struggle to learn to read often quickly fall behind in achievement and grade level, setting them up for a lifetime of difficulty and frustration. Low-income, ELLs, and SPED students are often at the greatest risk. Is this the child’s fault and problem to conquer, or should California be preparing its teachers with different skills?

Early identification and early literacy intervention are key to improving student outcomes, but many educators do not have the tools they need to address the literacy challenges these students face. This eye-opening presentation will explore this problem as well as solutions, and will share strategies that can be used immediately in the classroom to raise student achievement.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to improve literacy instruction for English learners
  • Ways to use district-adopted curriculum more effectively
  • Strategies that empower teachers to meet the needs of all learners

Antonio Fierro

Antonio Fierro

Antonio Fierro is a Reading Consultant, Award-Winning Educator, and LETRS Instructor

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