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Assessment in the Time of COVID-19: What Should You Consider for Winter Assessment?

We are living through a unique time during the global pandemic and educators across the country are working hard to provide equitable learning opportunities for their students. They have taken their profession in an unforeseen direction, and are working with district leaders, families, and each other to ensure students can grow in their academic careers.

Along with instruction comes assessment. Assessment as a term can evoke many feelings in educators, district leaders, and even family members. Assessment in the time of COVID-19 can amplify those feelings and raise questions that need to be explored.

Join our panel of assessment experts as they discuss considerations for assessment (and its impact on instruction) during the upcoming months. Through this Q&A discussion, our panelists will discuss these questions and more.

  • What does assessment look like this year compared to previous years?
  • What is the reality of some students being in school and some out of school?
  • How does the data inform the instruction?
  • What should you consider when assessing students this year? How does inequity factor into those considerations?
  • Is there a framework or assessment system that can help educators?
  • What types of assessments make sense for this school year?
  • What type of support do students, educators, leaders, and families need? Is there any stigma you can mitigate?


Sarah Browning Larson
Sarah Browning-Larson
Director of Assessment
Voyager Sopris Learning

Julia PeytonJulia Peyton, Ph.D.
Research Manager
Voyager Sopris Learning


Jennie ToberJennie Tober, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Implementation Assessment
Voyager Sopris Learning



Kristen Biadasz, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Assessment, Voyager Sopris Learning

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