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Myths Surrounding ELLs and Literacy:
Why Student Success Depends on Teachers’ Knowledge Base



Thursday, February 21, 3:00 p.m. CT

Myths and misconceptions have long been part of our educational system. When it comes to the instruction targeting the English learner, the same holds true. However, as research is published that focuses on culturally and linguistically diverse students, the more we know about what is true and, simply, what is not. . . and how we can better serve these students and proliferate their potential.

Dr. Fierro will discuss:

  • The state of the current EL population in our country
  • Why accountability lies with educators, not students
  • How there is no quick fix when working with English learners. However, he’ll demonstrate why:
    • The key to success is having a well-informed teaching staff
    • Teachers must have a basic understanding of language acquisition and how the English language works
  • Some common misconceptions that hinder success can include:
    • Most English learners are born outside of the United States
    • All English language learners share similar background, culture, socio-economic status
    • Students cannot use their first language in the classroom
    • English immersion results in faster English language acquisition
    • Literacy skills will transfer over from their native language to English
    • If ELs can converse socially in English, they can succeed academically

Join this fascinating and informative presentation and learn what it takes to work effectively with ELLs to set them on a path of literacy—and lifelong success.


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Antonio Fierro

Antonio Fierro

Reading Consultant, Award-Winning Educator, and LETRS Instructor

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