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Nine Brain-Based Strategies to Skyrocket Literacy Achievement


Join us for this infomative webinar presented by Andrea Samadi, a former classroom teacher and education specialist, who will share ideas to help struggling readers skyrocket literacy in the classroom. "Are You Using These Nine Brain-Aligned Strategies?" will focus on some of the most common hurdles students face at the intermediate/advanced level with reading acquisition.

Samadi will explore these brain-aligned solutions along with examples of how to implement each strategy in the classroom:

Strategy 1: How to Build Vocabulary that Skyrockets Students Past Their Obstacles
Strategy 2: Improving Syntax by Making Sense of Sounds/Phonemes
Strategy 3: The Progression of Words to Sentences
Strategy 4: Understanding Idioms and Multiple Meanings
Strategy 5: Using Technology to Improve Listening and Speaking Skills
Strategy 6: Building Confidence Through Self-Awareness
Strategy 7: Using Listening and Metacognition to Improve Motivation
Strategy 8: Building Confidence with Mental Practice, Intonation, Stress
Strategy 9: Using Blueprints for Writing Success

Andrea Samadi
Andrea Samadi

Andrea Samadi

Andrea Samadi, an author and former middle school teacher, has been working with strategies to motivate and inspire students to excel with their academics and personal lives for the past 19 years. In 2014, she was chosen as a preferred provider for Character Education with Arizona’s Department of Education where she works with students, educators and parents to reduce stress and increase well-being with the application of these strategies.

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