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RAVE-O: An Engaging, Remote-Ready Solution to Fluency and Comprehension Challenges for 2nd–5th Grade Students

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Building fluency among struggling readers is one of the greatest challenges an educator can face. That is because fluency is a complex skill that represents more than speed; it represents a student’s ability to apply all of their word knowledge.

When students read words, they are not only applying their knowledge of phonics but also their understanding of vocabulary, parts of speech, and morphology. The RAVE-O® program is the only strategy-based fluency curriculum that teaches students to use the multiple aspects of word knowledge to increase their reading automaticity and comprehension. In randomized control studies, RAVE-O coupled with phonics programs has been more effective at building decoding, fluency, and comprehension than phonics programs alone. 

Through your participation in this webinar, you will learn more about: 

  • The research behind reading fluency, including the importance of rime patterns, vocabulary, parts of speech, and morphology
  • The instructional framework of RAVE-O and how each lesson addresses multiple aspects of word knowledge 
  • RAVE-O tools, tips, and strategies that are particularly helpful for students with Naming Speed Weaknesses as well as English Language Learners
  • The ways RAVE-O can be implemented through remote instruction

Melissa Orkin

Melissa Orkin, Ph.D.

Melissa is a developmental psychologist and director of Crafting Minds, an educational consulting practice. Melissa provides district-based consultation and professional development workshops designed to enhance practitioners’ knowledge in the fields of neuroscience, reading instruction, dyslexia, achievement motivation, early literacy skills, and use of technology in literacy development. 

Melissa has served as a researcher and clinician at the Tufts University Center for Reading and Language Research, an educator in public schools, and a lecturer for graduate and undergraduate courses at Tufts University and Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. She has contributed to publications on a variety of educational topics, including literacy development and executive function skills, and regularly presents at annual professional meetings in the fields of reading disorders, education, and child development.    

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