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ESSA and Evidence of Effectiveness: Looking More Critically at Evidence-Based Research

Does your district’s curriculum meet the quality of evidence required in the new ESSA standards? Do you know what to look for when reviewing new curriculum?

In this webinar, Alisa Dorman will discuss the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and explore four key evidence types—anecdotal, descriptive, correlational, and causal—along with how to use each when reviewing the quality and strength of available curriculum studies. Understanding these differences is important for educators as they become more critical consumers through evidence-based research. You will learn ways you can:

  • Apply knowledge of evidence types to various information sources
  • Evaluate the quality of evidence related to product effectiveness
  • Categorize evidence according to ESSA criteria
  • Better help teachers become critical consumers of product information


Alisa Dorman

Alisa Dorman is Former Vice President of Research and Product Effectiveness at Voyager Sopris Learning and Former Executive Director, Office of Literacy for the Colorado Department of Education.

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