TransMath has proven, effective elements that accelerate students toward grade-level mathematics
through strong teacher support with lesson-by-lesson models.

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Why TransMath?

  • Explicit instruction and multisensory strategies deepen conceptual understanding and build problem-solving proficiency
  • Math lessons and models are embedded to support teacher preparation and strengthen teacher’s content knowledge
  • Whole class interactive-learning is facilitated by providing access to digital ESSA-seal-webtools to increase opportunities for mathematical discourse and peer learning
  • Students and teachers have eBook access to support their learning while also providing greater interaction between student and teacher
  • ESSA evidence level: Strong



TransMath targets middle and high school students who lack the foundational skills necessary for entry into algebra.

Using a dual topic approach, TransMath emphasizes fewer topics in greater depth while accelerating students to more advanced math, from number sense to rational numbers to understanding algebra.


The revisions in TransMath Third Edition continue to ensure students are prepared to enter algebra and reflect more rigorous math standards and recent math research. Key features include:

  • New models to support deep understanding of math topics
  • New problem-solving strategies using math tools
  • Differentiation
  • Stronger transition to algebra readiness with earlier introduction of algebra and more advanced algebra concepts
  • Dual-topic approach
  • Fewer topics in greater depth
  • Acceleration toward grade-level mathematics
  • Strong teacher support with lesson-by-lesson models
  • New digital components to increase interactivity and streamline materials
  • Teacher and student access to all content digitally
  • Digital manipulatives to enhance learning
  • TeacherTalk Tutorials reinforce lesson concepts using narrated, animated visual models
  • Interactive Click-Thrus use visual models to concretely develop concepts
  • Online extension and reinforcement activities