More than…

There is more to a student than what you see. More than the grades made in school, how well they did on a test, or whether they got the question right or wrong.

I Am More galvanizes us to create a foundation from which students and educators can achieve more.

Join the movement

  1. Spotlight ability.
  2. Build literacy.

Spotlight Ability

Potential comes in all forms.

Our impact isn't tethered to our job, color, class, struggle, or anything other than our desire to be more. Cultivate confidence. Nurture acceptance. Implement I Am More with your students. 

Building Literacy

When you encounter a struggling
reader, what do you see?

Most students who struggle to read do so for reasons that have nothing to do with intellect or capability. With the right support, every student can prove they are more than the limitations that categorize them.

Building Confidence with Literacy

Believe Literacy is Possible—Strategies for Success

I am more than an English language learner

Believe Literacy is Possible

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