More is possible

There is more to a school or district than scores. More to education than outcomes.

The I Am More movement galvanizes individuals to shift their thinking and identify possibilities in the face of adversity or limitation. For districts and administration, this means your district, your organization, also has potential. The potential to believe more is possible.

Join the movement

  1. Spotlight ability.
  2. Build literacy.

Spotlight Ability

Cultivate possibility

Give students a voice and build student motivation. Cultivate a culture of possibility by creating a foundation from which students and educators can achieve more.

Kick off I Am More in your school or district with a staff meeting kit.

Building Literacy

Literacy is the launching pad

Literacy is the foundation on which districts improve overall. Reading and writing allows for expression. Words shape history. They can stoke revolutions or evoke compassion. These resources demonstrate how other districts have embraced literacy to reveal potential.

Improving Literacy Skills and Test Scores at Urban School in Rochester, NY

Knox County Recognized for Academic Outcomes

Learn how students gained Lexile® boosts of 300 points.

Build the literacy skillset that your educators need. Invest in professional development and get a LANGUAGE! Live package deal.


Believe Literacy is Possible

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