Researchers and experts in the field of K–12 assessment have expressed concern about overreliance on multiple choice questions. Recent assessment systems incorporate technology-enhanced items (TEIs) that can better engage and motivate students, improve assessment validity, capture higher-order cognitive skills, and provide for greater accessibility for students with disabilities. Such systems are capable of automated scoring that provide informative feedback about student writing with the potential to significantly enhance writing outcomes.

ClearSight is a robust K–12 assessment system that offers standards-aligned Benchmark and Interim assessments for Reading, Writing, Editing, Listening, Math, and Science. ClearSight incorporates rigorous, validated TEIs and auto-scored essay items, accommodations and accessibility features for students with disabilities, and reporting that helps identify learning gaps and needed interventions.

This paper, researched and prepared by Interactive Educational Systems Design (IESD) of New York, summarizes research and expert opinion about impactful K–12 assessment, and explains how ClearSight aligns with the research literature.

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