Georgia DOE Announces Acadience Reading K–6 
as a Qualified Dyslexia Screener

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Signed into law in 2019, Georgia Senate Bill 48 requires local school systems—beginning with the 2024-2025 school year— screen all students in kindergarten and grades 1-3 for characteristics of dyslexia. The Georgia State Board of Education has announced Acadience® Reading K–6 as a qualified dyslexia screening tool. 

Acadience Reading K–6 supports Georgia’s K–3 educators in the critical area of reading assessment. This easy-to-implement solution is now available in the new digital and dynamic platform that will transform how Georgia educators administer, score, and engage with student assessment data. 

Designed to identify students experiencing difficulty in the acquisition of foundational literacy skills, Acadience Reading K–6 provides brief, formative indicators of the essential skills necessary for proficient reading. It can also be used to prescreen and identify gifted students.

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