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Early Learning Curriculum (Pre-K) for Academic Success

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What is We Can?

We Can Early Learning Curriculum is a proven preK and early learning solution that prepares all children, ages 3–5, for academic success in kindergarten and beyond. The curriculum cultivates young learners with a robust, multidisciplinary curriculum and a clear road map for early learning success—including easy-to-implement lesson plans and a range of innovative learning tools. We Can integrates assessment with instruction, allowing teachers multiple opportunities to observe children, identify their capabilities and needs, and monitor their progress.


We Can Prepares All Children for Early Childhood Success


Differentiation Strategies in Every Lesson for

  • English language learners
  • Older or younger students based on the level of need
  • Special needs students
  • American Sign Language integrated as a multilingual instruction option

Purposeful Instructional Design

  • Comprehensive, integrated content in key domains
  • Engaging content and interactive, multisensory learning in each lesson
  • Consistent instructional design to maximize learning

Easy to Implement

  • Developed for and by teachers
  • Planning and instructional tools support unit, weekly, and daily levels
  • Build a positive classroom environment with a powerful classroom management component
  • Embedded Assessment for Progress Monitoring

Integrates Assessment with Instruction

  • Multiple opportunities for teachers to observe children identify capabilities and needs
  • Benchmark assessments at the beginning, middle, and end of the year
  • Ongoing assessments measure student growth and mastery of content

Why We Can?

  • Engages children with The Learning Zoo, a web-based program with fun, vibrant, interactive readiness activities
  • Implements effective classroom management and instructional system
  • Delivers explicit lesson plans with a robust daily focus on early literacy, numeracy, and oral language development
  • Integrates differentiated instruction to address a range of abilities
  • Accommodates full- and half-day models
  • Provides high-quality professional development to support teacher growth at all levels

Who Benefits from We Can?

We Can benefits children ages 3–5 by providing uniquely integrated content, skills, resources, and technology to deliver instruction in all the key early learning domains: language and literacy, social studies, science, mathematics, physical development, health and safety, social and emotional learning, technology, phonological awareness, oral language and vocabulary development, and the creative arts.


Evidence Based Kindergarten Readiness

Research shows quality preschool programs, like We Can Early Learning Curriculum, significantly reduce referrals to special education and virtually eliminate the learning gap for children from low-income families.

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Proven Results

Granite School District’s Voices for Utah’s Children conducted a longitudinal study of 4-year-old students in 11 schools most impacted by poverty in the district. Of the 737 at-risk students in the study, only seven were referred for special education services. The achievement gap went from 22 percentage to 5 percentage points in language arts and 28 to 2 percentage points in math.

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