Amazing Results in Short Amount of Time

Campbell Union School District, CA

Two hundred seventy one students in Campbell Union School District participated in TimeWarp Plus during summer 2006. As a group, they significantly increased their fluency rates—measured in weekly words per minute (WPM) gain. Grade-level results were impressive as well:

  • Second-graders tripled their weekly WPM gain
  • Third-graders increased their weekly WPM gain by eight times
  • Fourth-graders quadrupled their weekly WPM gain
  • Fifth-graders increased their weekly WPM gain by six times
  • Sixth-graders significantly increased their weekly WPM gain
  • Seventh-graders dramatically increased their weekly WPM

Escondido Union School District, CA

During summer 2006, 469 students in grades 6-8 in Escondido Union School District significantly increased their performance on the program’s Pre-Test and Post-Test measures and increased their fluency rates with TimeWarp Plus. By grade level:

  • Sixth-graders gained 3.9 WPM
  • Seventh-graders gained 18.2 WPM
  • Eighth-graders gained 29.2 WPM