Build Reading Fluency in Six Minutes a Day

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What is The Six-Minute Solution?

The Six-Minute Solution is a simple, hassle-free program that builds students’ reading fluency in just six minutes a day. For students in grades K–12, this peer-driven solution pairs same-skill-level students to read age-appropriate nonfiction passages and record each other's progress with fluency and accuracy.

The Six-Minute Solution Helps Teachers Challenge All of Their Students to Build Fluency and Comprehension Skills


Quick-and-Easy Implementation

  • Materials are user-friendly and time-efficient
  • One book includes all resource materials
  • Teachers are provided explicit instruction


Benefits All Students

  • Helps struggling readers gain fluency first at word level, then passage level
  • Challenges competent readers with expressive texts that are difficult and sophisticated
  • Content-area texts are organized by interest level and readability, individualizing practice for all learners

Performance Improves in ALL Content Areas

  • Nonfiction passages support science, social studies, and humanities to build background knowledge
  • Fluency helps students complete class and homework assignments efficiently

Why The Six-Minute Solution?

  • Actively engages and motivates students with peer-to-peer interaction
  • Increases fluency, time on task, and work completion in all content areas
  • Quick, easy, and flexible implementation
  • Improves student performance in all content areas
  • Can be used in classrooms and groups of all sizes with no special materials required
  • Research-based and field-tested, incorporating proven partnering and repeated-reading techniques
  • Professional development is embedded, requiring no teacher training
  • Effective with all students, including English language learners and students with special needs
  • Addresses multiple levels of fluency, making it easy to differentiate instruction
  • Reliable initial and ongoing assessment

Who Benefits from The Six-Minute Solution?

The Six-Minute Solution is a beneficial program for all students in grades K–12 since the flexibility of the program scaffolds up as students progress in their fluency. It can be used with advanced readers to reinforce their reading skills as well as struggling readers, those with special needs, and English language learners.


Evidence Based Reading Fluency

The Six-Minute Solution builds students’ fluency across all grade levels. The program empowers teachers to make the most of every second with an efficient, fast-paced instructional routine that takes marked steps toward reading success.

 The Six-Minute Solution Field Test Summaries

Proven Reading Comprehension Results

Administrators at Meadowbrook Middle School in Poway, CA placed 52 students who were reading at least two years below grade level, in a 24-day program using The Six-Minute Solution. By the end of the program, all students experienced significant gains in reading fluency and comprehension.

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