Results show accelerated student growth in reading

RAVE-O results, studied in a various contexts—school-based intervention, summer school, and after school programs—consistently demonstrate accelerated student growth in reading. More than 10 years of gold-standard research reveals RAVE-O increases Word Attack, Vocabulary, and Comprehension.

RAVE-O Works by Balancing Science and Motivation

RAVE-O takes reading intervention beyond the typical decoding program and moves it to a more comprehensive level, where students learn the power of words and how they grow into meaningful text.

RAVE-O Reading

Fluency Beyond Repeated Reading

  • Read fast, accurately and for meaning
  • Build fluency across several literacy domains
  • Use background knowledge and word meanings to quickly understand words in context

Motivating Instructional Approach

  • Word Detective uncovers mysteries behind words and context
  • Multisensory activities used to explore and understand words
  • Build meaning and understanding through manipulation of language

Comprehension Beyond Simply Understanding the Text

  • Understand, interact and analyze text
  • Development of unique thoughts, opinions and responses after reading a text
  • Explore the richness of language through imaginative, connected texts

RAVE-O Studies Demonstrate Success

Federal Study Details

Geographical Location: multi-city, urban

Context: school-based intervention

Students: 279

  • grades 2-3 impaired readers
  • four treatment groups
  • controlled for socioeconomic status, race, and IQ

Treatment: 70 hour intervention sessions

  • RAVE-O combined with phonemic awareness and blending program


RAVE-O Word Attack Results
RAVE-O Oral Reading Quotient

Fun and engaging characters motivate students to succeed at Hayes Elementary in Clark County School District, Las Vegas, NV

Hayes Elementary teacher Denise Gorelick describes how her students are inspired by the characters in RAVE-O to learn the meaning behind complex words and sentences and form connections that facilitate learning and literacy.

“My assistant principal came through to observe one day and was fascinated by it [RAVE-O]. I had already suggested that we use it for ELL because of making the connections and understanding that words have different meaning. I absolutely see it going further. It’s a great program.”

—Denise Gorelick, Teacher Hayes Elementary, Clark County School District, NV