Math Professional Development for K–8 Teachers

What is NUMBERS?

NUMBERS is an interactive, hands-on mathematics professional development offering for elementary and middle school math teachers. Research-validated findings have been integrated into the program along with numerous strategies and best practices to meet the expectations of rigorous state standards.

Delivering Professional Development to Meet Today’s Rigorous Math Standards, NUMBERS is:


A series of five modules that address the key mathematical strands or domains of state standards in grades K–8


Hands-on, interactive professional development for teachers of mathematics in elementary and middle schools


Curriculum independent and provides participants with the big ideas that build, progress, and deepen across grade levels


Provides teaching techniques to create the foundation for standards-based instruction


Programs for Elementary and Middle School Teachers (K-8):

  • Help students develop and apply conceptual knowledge
  • Foster meaningful classroom discussions
  • Incorporate more problem solving, including high-level tasks
  • Become better consumers of classroom instructional materials and use them more effectively

Who Benefits from NUMBERS?

NUMBERS is beneficial to any K–8 teacher who teaches mathematics. The program provides professional development and support related to the instructional planning, assessment, and differentiation specific to rigorous state and national math standards for elementary and middle school students.


The NUMBERS Difference


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