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ClearSight Can Tell You Where Your Students Are Now!

No state assessment results?
ClearSight can get you the next best thing!

In one class period or less, ClearSight's assessments will identify the starting points for your students.


Assess Your Students Anywhere
ClearSight offers the flexibility of remote testing.

Whether your students are at home or at school, with an Internet connection, ClearSight makes assessments easy!


Rely on Research-Based Items from State Summative Assessments

ClearSight Interim Assessment items:

  • Align to your state standards
  • Reflect the same item types as most state assessments, including automatically scored writing items
  • Have been through rigorous content, bias and fairness reviews, and rubric validation

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Subjects and Grades

See Student Mastery of State Standards in a Single Class Period

Adaptive Interim Assessments:

  • Measure on-grade standards
  • Indicate student readiness for state summative assessments
  • Include automatically scored writing essays

Checkpoint Assessments and Item Bank:

  • Supply multiple forms for periodic use (short and focused)
  • Give educators deeper information about specific topics
  • Provide guidance for instruction
  • Empower educators to create their own tests

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Get Actionable Data You Can Trust from a Platform Used in More than 25 States

Immediate on-screen reports at the class, school, and district level

  • Show growth over time toward standards mastery
  • Provide drill-down to student response for targeting instruction

Accessible delivery for all students

  • Accessibility features such as text-to-speech
  • Additional accommodations such as color masking

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1 in 3 students in grades 3-8 have taken an assessment on ClearSight's Platform
Boy at computer

Give Educators Flexibility


  • Can deliver the same assessment to students in the classroom or learning remotely
  • Gives educators the ability to author their own items, including technology-enhanced
  • Provides an item bank including more than 10,000 items, K–12, for test creation

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Moving Forward in Fall 2020: How the Right District Assessment Can Help Identify Learning Loss

This fall, students will start school with varying degrees of learning loss due to spring school closures. The need for accurate assessment will be critical as educators work to determine where incoming students are in relation to their prior grade's achievement standards. By pinpointing specific areas of weakness, schools and districts can appropriately address learning gaps, plan intervention, and move on to new content that meets student needs.

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Inside Machine Scoring

Inside the Black Box of Machine Scoring

It's easy to understand that computer code can be programmed to score a multiple-choice item. If the correct answer is selected by the test taker, that selection is compared to the correct answer in the scoring program and if it matches, it is then recorded as correct. But what happens with more sophisticated technology-enhanced items or items that require written responses like essays?

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Back to School 2020: A Fall Like No Other

Back to school 2020 will be like no other in history. As districts, schools, and families begin to work through educational plans for the new academic year, educators must address student learning loss during the extended spring school closure—known as the COVID slide. School reopening plans will vary, depending on many safety, social, and economic factors. However, one thing will be certain: teachers must have valid ways to reliably assess where students are in their progression of learning.

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See how ClearSight Assessments can impact student achievement in your school

Cambium Learning® Group, Inc., acquired AIR® Assessment in January 2020. Since 1999, AIR Assessment has become one of the largest and fastest-growing providers of state assessment solutions. Developed by AIR Assessment, ClearSight assesses grades K–8 and high school for ELA and math; grades 5, 8, and 11 for science.