Voyager Sopris Learning Launches New Product, ClearSight, to Improve Online Assessments for Millions of K–12 Students

Posted on Apr 28, 2020

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ClearSight’s interim online assessments share a common user experience with summative tests currently administered to 60 million students in 25 states

DALLAS, April 29, 2020 Voyager Sopris Learning, a division of Cambium Learning Group, Inc., announced today it will begin offering ClearSight, a new online platform delivering interim and benchmark assessments for K–11 students.

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is an online assessment platform covering English language arts and math, grades K–11, as well as science grades 5, 8, and 11. Ideal for school districts using Cambium Assessment (formerly the assessment division of the American Institutes for Research) for their summative tests, ClearSight’s administration is established, reliable, and proven. In 2019, more than 60 million students were administered state assessments using Cambium Assessment’s platform.

More specifically, ClearSight helps district educators administer robust adaptive interim and fixed-form benchmark assessments throughout the year, well ahead of end-of-year summative tests.  As a result, teachers can clearly see what each student knows, better monitor student progress toward grade-level standards, and adjust instruction based on identifiable needs.

“One in three students in grades 3 through 8 are already taking summative assessments on the same platform used for ClearSight,” said John Campbell, Chief Executive Officer of Cambium Learning. “In addition to giving students valuable experience on the platform before their end-of-year test, ClearSight’s superior technology and questions are valid, innovative and informative. With ClearSight, educators are able to collect real-time information on what each student knows, making instruction more efficient, targeted, and effective.”

ClearSight’s immediate scoring includes student-written essay responses. Reporting is seamlessly integrated within the delivery, rostering, and scoring platform, providing ease of access for educators to see information as soon as students complete assessments.  

With ClearSight, educators can:

  • Utilize a powerful authoring system to create innovative assessment items efficiently;
  • Provide students authentic experiences with technology enhanced items that deliver the practice they need for summative assessments;
  • Track student achievement on standards and concepts and quickly examine the breadth and depth of grade-level academic mastery;
  • Pinpoint gaps in understanding to address opportunities for re-teaching as students learn new concepts throughout the year;
  • Administer high-quality interim and benchmark assessments composed of multiple choice, constructed response, essay, and technology-enhanced items that have been through the rigorous review required for state ESSA accountability assessments (those include external content review, bias and sensitivity review, data review and rubric validation); and
  • Capture achievement data that can be reported at the student, class, school, and district levels.

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