Initial Training

Training of Trainers (TOT)

The Velocity Training of Trainers (TOT) provides a rigorous, intensive training experience that prepares candidates to train other educators in their district. Building local training capacity is shown to increase fidelity, sustainability, and quality of instruction—resulting in increased student achievement.

Initial Online Training

Initial Training (Online)

Online facilitated training is provided to District Trial participants and with the purchase of a Velocity license. This 3-hour training is designed to prepare participants to successfully implement the program.

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Training of Trainers

Initial Training (Face-to-Face)

Face-to face sessions for initial or advanced training. Duration is generally two days. Contact us for more information.

Customized Training

Follow-up Training, Site Visits, Coaching, and Customized Training

Face-to-face training and support that is customized to fit your needs. Training is available at a daily rate. Contact us for more information.

Virtual Support

Virtual Support

Flexible training options provided via webinar, online meeting, or conference call. Support is available at an hourly rate. Contact us for more information.

Learning Platform Video

Learning Platform

Continuous training and coaching is provided through the Learning Platform—an embedded service in the curriculum. Teachers will have access to high-quality content and become experts of the program. Contact us for more information.