Research Driven

Velocity combines the best principles of differentiated instruction and one-to-one tutoring with a sophisticated learning engine, embedded assessment, innovative curriculum design, and teacher-led lessons. The result is a powerful, user-friendly ELA solution for all K-5 students. Teachers are provided with real-time data and actionable insights about student performance utilizing easy-to-read dashboards and reports. Students venture through visually engaging worlds with charming characters while they work on ELA skills at their exact instructional level. The content in Velocity is based on a pedagogically sound, well-designed, standards-based, research-driven curriculum.

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Advanced Adaptive Learning Research Applied to K-5 Learning

Velocity is intended to help kids get on grade level no matter where their starting point may be. So, that means that some kids may need up to six times more content than others, and not just any content but highly curated content that is specific in the way their pacing requires—or the way they build knowledge requires.”

—Zoran Popović, Founder & Chief Scientist, Enlearn, Seattle, WA

How advanced computer science research led to the development of Velocity

We began looking outside of education to find the best advancements in computer science and then explored how to apply those advancements to K-5 learning.


Success Stories

Teacher Testimonial

In this video, an elementary teacher from Virginia shares what she likes most about Velocity.