1. Log in to the Educator Dashboard on VPORT

VPORT® is an online data management system that acts as the backbone of many Voyager Sopris Learning programs. It allows educators to enroll students, track progress, generate reports, and more!

2. Enroll Your Students

You have two options for enrolling students in Ticket to Read:

  • Self Entry
    To guide yourself through the process download the Tip Sheet. Follow the instructions for adding teachers, classes, and students.

  • Assisted Entry
    Would you rather have a specialist walk you through enrollment? Simply fill out the Roster Template and e-mail the completed document to support@voyagersopris.com. We will do the rest!

3. Download Quick Reference Guides

After enrollment, these guides will help teachers get started with the program.

Ticket to Read Reading Component Guide

Ticket to Read Phonics Component Guide

4. Contact Voyager Sopris Support

Call your Voyager Sopris Learning support team with technical or content questions: 800.547.6747 or email support@voyagersopris.com.