SpellographyWhat is Spellography?

Created by foremost literacy educator Louisa C. Moats, Ed.D., and “former bad speller turned outstanding teacher” Bruce Rosow, Spellography is a classroom-tested and results-proven spelling and word-study program.

Why Spellography?

  • Utilizes the latest spelling research for effective spelling instruction
  • Teaches vocabulary using word roots
  • Reinforces multisyllabic decoding
  • Develops reading fluency
  • Strengthens spelling retention
  • Research-based, proven approach to teaching spelling
  • Flexibility for teachers to use with whole class, small group or individual students
  • Improves overall literacy comprehension



  • 27 lessons specifically designed around the most difficult spelling areas for learners
  • Multiple opportunities for students to review and master material
  • A flexible design, enabling teachers to present the same concepts classwide
  • Teacher’s Resource Guide
  • Spelling Inventory to determine class skills profile
  • Pretest for each lesson to determine individual student learning levels
  • A set of 24 study words, divided into groups of four by level of difficulty
  • Phonemic awareness exercises
    • An introduction to the main spelling pattern, with exercises to review that pattern, including a word-sorting activity
    • Exercises on word usage (parts of speech) and meaning
    • Exercises to review syllable structure
    • Practice with alphabetical order
    • Exercises to study morphology, including word dissection and word building
    • Dictation exercises, including sentence formulation by students
    • Timed exercises for reading fluency
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