A Student Roadmap to Better Spelling

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What is Spellography?

Created by foremost literacy educator Louisa C. Moats, Ed.D., and “former bad speller turned outstanding teacher” Bruce Rosow, Spellography is a classroom-tested and results-proven spelling and word-study program.

  • Utilizes the latest research for effective spelling instruction
  • Teaches vocabulary using word roots
  • Reinforces multisyllabic decoding
  • Develops reading fluency
  • Strengthens spelling retention
  • Research-based, proven approach to teaching spelling
  • Flexibility for teachers to use with whole class, small group, or individual students
  • Improves overall literacy comprehension

Who Benefits from Spellography?

Spellography benefits students in grades 4–5 and is used as an intervention solution for students in grades 5–7 who are struggling to learn spelling concepts. Spellography complements any reading or language arts program and can be used with the entire class, in small groups, or with individual students.

To Ensure Maximum Learning, the Following Elements Appear in Most Spellography Lessons:

  • 27 lessons specifically designed around the most difficult spelling areas for learners
  • Multiple opportunities for students to review and master the material
  • A flexible design, enabling teachers to present the same concepts classwide
  • Teacher’s Resource Guide
  • Spelling Inventory to determine class skills profile
  • Pretest for each lesson to determine individual student learning levels
  • A set of 24 study words, divided into groups of four by the level of difficulty
  • Phonemic awareness exercises
  • An introduction to the main spelling pattern, with exercises to review that pattern, including a word-sorting activity
  • Exercises for word usage (parts of speech) and meaning
  • Exercises to review syllable structure
  • Practice with alphabetical order
  • Exercises to study morphology, including word dissection and word building
  • Dictation exercises, including sentence formulation by students
  • Timed exercises for reading fluency

Improve spelling and word study