Teaching RAVE-O Virtually: Remote Ready Resources

To enable continuous literacy learning for students in virtual, face-to-face, or hybrid environments, educators will be pleased to know the original RAVE-O® Structured Literacy curriculum, proven effective at building fluency and comprehension skills, is now Remote Ready. To meet educator needs for flexible teaching models, RAVE-O has been transformed into an easy-to-implement virtual format. These lessons can be used for intervention in grades 2–4 and in general education for first grade.

Highlights of Remote Ready RAVE-O include:

  1. Live lessons in a presentation format that can be delivered through Google Classroom.
  2. Simplified scripting.
  3. Digital versions of all manipulatives including image cards, word parts, and strategy posters.
  4. Digital versions of minute stories and workbook pages embedded within the lessons.
  5. Activities for independent practice on the Seesaw platform.
  6. Unique interactive word and sentence games using Jamboards for Google Classroom.

Using Materials for Virtual Live Lessons

RAVE-O can now be delivered online! All of the manipulatives you love to use can now be accessed remotely. Learn more about all these helpful updates to the RAVE-O curriculum to serve your needs to be Remote Ready.


Using Materials for Asynchronous Lessons

Find out how to access and implement the asynchronous instruction materials for the newly transformed remote version of the original RAVE-O curriculum. Check out our virtual program in this helpful video.


Where to Download RAVE-O Materials

Get all of your resources to teach RAVE-O in a virtual format in one spot. Access and download assessment materials, home-school connections, Remote Ready learning, asynchronous and live lessons, and supplemental materials.