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What is Everyday English Plus?

For students in grades 6–12 who enter school as newcomers to the English language, daily interactions—social or academic—can be confusing and stressful. Everyday English Plus is a program to help these students learn the English language so they can make connections across their grade-level curricula, as well as develop positive social skills.


Motivating for Every Student

As students master the basic, everyday language needed to communicate with their peers and teachers, they are motivated to move into more advanced content and become confident, independent learners. Everyday English Plus can be taught in a semester with 90-minute classes, or as a yearlong course with 45-minute classes. Program features include:


Cross-curricular content taught through the use of nine everyday scenarios


Multisensory approach to learning English with embedded assessments to measure student growth and understanding


Explicit, teacher-led instruction and daily instruction about reading and writing English


Best-practice scenarios based on research principles of English language learners


Valuable, daily practice in speaking with each other in a class setting


Why Everyday English Plus?

  • Strengthens students’ oral language and content knowledge
  • Content is relevant and immediately useful to a student’s everyday life
  • Incorporates content from all subject areas
  • Flexible implementation model gives teachers choices
  • Students develop social and academic language skills
  • Increased oral language proficiency leads to enduring success

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