DISEWhat is Direct Instruction: Spoken English?

Direct Instruction: Spoken English (DISE) provides an explicit, systematic instructional model to help English language learners acquire a functional mastery of spoken English. From instruction to content, DISE moves students to oral language proficiency.



  • Builds a functional mastery of English in one year or less
  • Differentiates from the start with appropriate placement
  • Accelerates English language development
  • Prepares English language learners to thrive in content-area classes
  • Takes advantage of students’ native-language literacy skills
  • Teaches academic and social vocabulary
  • Engages students with fast-paced, multisensory activities
  • Designed for students from any language background
  • Provides progress monitoring assessment



DISE lessons are carefully planned with defined tasks that are designed to offer learning in small increments. Each lesson:

  • Includes easy-to-read directions and symbols
  • Clearly identifies what teachers and students say and do
  • Provides immediate corrective feedback and scaffolding support
  • Motivates students with a fast pace and content that ensures every student participates