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Great news for Alabama literacy educators! During the 2019 legislative session, the Alabama State Legislature passed the Alabama Literacy Act, which was promptly signed into law by the governor. The state is now funding Alabama LETRS® (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling), a course that teaches educators the science of reading and gives them the skills to teach language and literacy to every student, even those with reading challenges like dyslexia.

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“A child’s journey to the love of learning and a healthy, happy, and prosperous adulthood starts with learning to read. Early childhood and elementary school teachers understand this concept deeply, and that is why they want to go above and beyond as they help every child learn to read. Alabama’s investment in LETRS ensures competent and confident teachers of reading by strengthening their knowledge of the science of reading and the development of the reading brain. Applying these concepts in the classroom empowers young minds by helping children make the necessary neurological connections. The children may not understand all of the underlying science at their young age but the smile of success on the face of a young reader answers the question about its importance!”

— Eric Mackey, Ed.D.
State Superintendent of Education
Alabama State Department of Education

LETRS Kickoff Webinar

Congratulations to Natasha Reasor , the winner of the VSL 2020 Aspiring Teacher Scholarship, sponsored by LETRS!

NEWS: All Alabama schools can now boost literacy instruction via LETRS® professional learning.

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Research and Resources

Watch the Webinar: Myths Surrounding ELLs and Literacy: Why Student Success Depends on Teachers’ Knowledge Base Antonio Fierro, reading consultant and award-winning educator, shares strategies to work effectively with English language learners to set them on a path of literacy and lifelong success.

Watch the Webinar: The Truth About Dyslexia: Myths vs. Facts
Dr. Louisa Moats, author and nationally recognized literacy expert, addresses issues such as the definition of dyslexia, appropriate criteria for identification, teacher preparation, and selection and use of instructional approaches.

What Happened in Alabama? Teacher Reading Knowledge and Student Readiness After LETRS, by Barbara Cooper
In her blog, Dr. Barbara Jean Cooper, Director of the Office of School Readiness, Alabama Department of Early Childhood, discusses how LETRS professional learning empowers teachers to provide high-quality instruction that leads to student literacy gains.

AL LETRS Cohort 1 Data

Read the Report: Educator Outcomes Associated with Implementation of Mississippi's K–3 Early Literacy Professional Development Initiative (Folsom, Smith, Burk, & Oakley, 2017) conducted by the Regional Educational Laboratory of the Southeast.

LETRS Research Base by Dr. Louisa Moats
LETRS Further Study
LETRS for Administrators overview
LETRS Early Childhood overview
LETRS Elementary overview

The LETRS course of study provides preK–third grade educators with a deeper understanding of the science of reading and evidence-based strategies to support all students, particularly those who experience reading challenges. Upon completion of the LETRS coursework, participants will be able to:

  • Identify reading difficulties and differentiate accordingly
  • Articulate the science behind how the brain learns to read
  • Implement research-validated strategies
  • Assess the effectiveness of instructional resources

Those completing the LETRS course of study will be LETRS certified.

LETRS at Work in Alabama


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Jessica Kent, NBCT (@JessicaWKent)
Louisa Moats is the best! If you have the opportunity sign up for LETRS. It is hands down the best reading PD for teachers #AlabamaLETRS @VoyagerSopris #scienceofreading @ALDECE
NOTE: I cannot locate this on her Twitter feed to link to it.

Libby Frankel (@LibbyFrankelARI)
#AlabamaLETRS Units 1-4 complete! This amazing group of educators is equipped with a deeper understanding of the science of reading. Thank you @AlabamaAchieves for investing in teachers. When we invest in our Ts, students win. @Alabama_Reading

Kimberly Hargett, CALT (@kimberlyhargett)
Part of the 1st cohort in the state of Alabama to complete LETRS! 2 years but well worth it!! Don’t wait! Get on the waitlist now! Best comprehensive reading professional development offered! @laurawoolf4 @VoyagerSopris @gay_finn

Reeivice L. Girtman (@reeiviceL)
When #LETRS and Science of Reading begin to click these resources are even more powerful!!! The learning our teachers @PCBOE are receiving is transforming HOW we do, WHAT we do, & more importantly WHY we do it! Thanks @Alabama_Reading @VoyagerSopris The S’s are the real winners!

Special Recognition: Completer and Mastery Educators

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“Thank you so much for this opportunity. We hope this training will continue and new cohorts created each year. It would be good if our ARI Regionals could train in this and then use this to create new modules to support the science of reading. The coaching communities have been fabulous. I think this would be a great piece to enhance what they are already doing and would present new reading models to support schools. I know this is probably already in the works, but wanted to let you know that this was new learning for many of my coaches yesterday. They were very excited. We have had wonderful training in my district this year from Tim Cobb. He has gone above and beyond in preparing our coaches in my region. They have a wonderful knowledge base now due to the coaching communities. I think LETRS could be a valuable piece to this puzzle. Ken Kirby and I discussed a need for teachers and coaches to have collaborative PLCs that are going through this training. I think this would be a great plan. I know you all are probably ten steps ahead of me if I know you all! I love and appreciate you all for everything you do for literacy and reading in the state. We are so thankful for all you are doing.”

— Julia Wall

“I have been completely energized by the opportunity for learning that LETRS is providing for my instructional coaches and for me. As a literacy leader and a special education director, I can only say thank you all for the opportunity for professional growth that is being provided. So many connections have already been made for my team in just this short period of time and we cannot wait to continue learning. Because of this, our team has been discussing how powerful it would be to have our foundational special education teachers exposed to this level of professional development focused on the science of reading, now, rather than waiting for an opportunity for turn around as they are in the trenches daily provided specialized interventions for so many general education and special education students in our community.”

— Sherry

“I am so glad that you both were at the training yesterday. I hope you found it as valuable and as fun as I did. I can't remember the last time I attended a training where I wasn't compelled to check my messages and emails every hour. I did not check my phone one time during the training except at lunch!”

— G. Finn

“We THOROUGHLY enjoyed the learning! I have to agree that it is the most engaging instruction I have received as a professional!”

— Cathy

“The LETRS course is equipping Alabama’s PreK-third grade teachers with background knowledge about the science of reading, in order to fully support literacy instruction and provide individualized support for students who struggle with learning to read. The initial feedback has been extremely positive from LETRS’ participants and we hope to expand this opportunity.”

— Secretary Barbara Cooper, Ph.D.
Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education

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Laura Woolf, J.D.

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Eric Mackey

Eric G. Mackey

State Superintendent
Alabama State Department of Education


Bonnie Short

Bonnie Short

Coordinator, Alabama Reading Initiative
Alabama State Department of Education


Barbara Cooper

Barbara Cooper, Ph.D.

Secretary of Early Childhood Education
Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education