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TransMath® is a unique pre-algebra program. Traditional core pre-algebra programs are built with algebra readiness as the goal. However, many students struggle to be successful in these courses due to lack of foundational skills. TransMath shares the goal of algebra readiness but is designed with specific emphasis on conceptual understanding for your struggling math students. (In Florida, levels 1 and 2). With its unique dual-topic instructional design and variety of differentiation tools, TransMath delivers rigorous, standards-based instruction to prepare students for success in algebra while also providing the foundational skill instruction needed to fill gaps in knowledge. Unfortunately, many struggling students do not have the prerequisite skills and knowledge to be successful in a traditional pre-algebra core program, but TransMath is an intensive core with the instructional supports needed to get students back on track with their peers and ready for algebra success.



Inside Algebra is an intensive Algebra 1 course that utilizes a multisensory approach to ensure mastery of skills. Each lesson follows an effective three-step design that includes: (1) conceptual development activities, (2) practice activities exercises through games and small-group activities, and (3) problem-solving activities to illustrate real-world relevance. Inside Algebra is particularly suited for students who have struggled throughout foundational math courses or already have been unsuccessful in Algebra 1. Inside Algebra engages students with multisensory manipulatives, supports students with prerequisite skill lessons, and enriches students with a variety of differentiation opportunities. Inside Algebra is THE core for students in need of additional support to ensure algebra success.


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