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A Look Back at 2021: The EDVIEW360 Content You Loved

by Voyager Sopris Learning on Dec 15, 2021

If 2020 was the year of making do in education, 2021 has been the year of doing better. Educators have been focused on identifying and addressing the impact of interrupted and disrupted learning for their students and seeking strategies and interventions that work.

As we say so long to 2021, it’s the perfect time to look back at the EDVIEW360 blogs, webinars, and podcasts most valued by our followers this year. If you missed any of these popular events and readings, no need to worry. A full archive of on-demand content is available on our website, and you can sign up to be notified by email when new posts and episodes are published.

We’ve compiled this list of what your peers deemed most useful and popular, and made it easy for you to catch up when it’s convenient for you. We pay close attention to the content that sparks a response from our audience and appreciate that you trust us to help keep you informed, inspired, and prepared to give your best to your students.

Take a look at this ‘Best of” list and we’re sure you’ll find some great content that applies to what you’re doing with your students.


Our Top Two Blogs Posts of 2021


Planning Reading Intervention for Your Elementary Students

This post, authored by Lindsay Barrett and originally posted by WeAreTeachers, speaks to the fact that wherever learning takes place, having a plan for explicit intervention instruction makes a difference. The post—and companion downloadable checklist—identifies the five key considerations for planning a reading intervention. Read it here!

Reading Intervention in Elementary Grades

Teachers are looking for proven approaches to help students struggling with reading get back up to speed. At the same time, Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER) aid demands evidence-based interventions that support students’ academic and social and emotional learning (SEL) needs. This article covers why Structured Literacy is more effective than other interventions for all types of readers, but especially for those struggling with literacy. Read it here!



Dr. Anita Archer

Meet Dr. Anita Archer

EDVIEW360 is proud to bring you insight and advice from experienced educators like respected and popular Presenter and Author Anita L. Archer, Ph.D. She is the recipient of 10 Outstanding Educator awards, has taught elementary and middle school students, and has been a faculty member at San Diego State University, the University of Washington, and the University of Oregon. Among her works are the acclaimed REWARDS® reading program and The Tough Kid® video series.


Our Top Two Webinars of 2021

Boost Reading Outcomes: Strategies for a Critical Year 

With Dr. Anita Archer

There has never been a more critical year for an academic boost than this one. Literacy Expert Dr. Anita Archer (learn more about her above) shares how to identify at-risk students at the start of the school year and improve academic performance. Dr. Archer also discusses the results of an outside research study using a short-term intervention program. Watch it here!

Differentiated Instruction: Aligning Assessment and Management of Your Intervention Block to Reflect a Science of Reading Classroom

With Dr. Julie Klingerman

At the very core of effective literacy instruction is the teacher’s knowledge and ability to determine each student’s strengths and weaknesses to differentiate accordingly. Dr. Julie Klingerman shares fresh ways to approach the realities of creating targeted intervention groups while handling classroom management like a pro. This webinar is recommended for K–3 classroom teachers, reading specialists, special education teachers, administrators. Watch it here!



Our Top Two Podcasts of 2021 


The Importance of Explicit Reading Instruction

With Dr. Anita Archer

Explicit reading instruction is an approach to teaching reading that is based on research about the brain and how we learn, combined with structured and sequenced literacy instruction. Join Dr. Anita Archer for this informative podcast as she discusses the importance of explicit instruction and how it promotes achievement for students of all reading levels. Listen here!

Why ESSA-Related Solutions Are Needed to Address Equity Gaps

With Pam Austin

Despite the efforts of the American education system to provide an equal education for all students, achievement gaps between disadvantaged and more advantaged students remain—and often lead to negative outcomes. The passage of ESSA represents an opportunity for districts to choose intervention solutions that bridge the gap and help all students receive an education that prepares them for future success. In this informative podcast, host Pam Austin discusses why ESSA-rated solutions are so important in addressing equity gaps and offer strategies for educators to immediately use in the classroom. Listen here!



Looking Forward: What Content Would you like to see in 2022? 

As we begin planning the topics to feature and the respected experts to work with for our programming next year, we want to hear from you. We’re committed to keeping our focus on the obstacles you are facing and how we can offer strategies and informed advice you value. Your feedback will help us meet that commitment. Please contact us.



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