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A Special Thank You From EDVIEW360: Our Top Webinars, Blogs, and Podcasts in 2020

by Voyager Sopris Learning on Dec 10, 2020

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Top Edview 360 for 2020

This has been a challenging year, during which educators have faced many obstacles head on, and with incredible courage.

We were honored to help support you during this challenging time through our EDVIEW360 webinars, blogs, and podcasts. We’re thrilled that you, in return, helped make this one of our most successful EDVIEW360 years ever, with more webinar attendees, blog readers, and podcast listeners than before.

With content focused on timely topics like remote learning and the science of reading, our aim was to help you become more knowledgeable and gain new skills with the help of some of today’s top experts in education, like Dr. Louisa Moats, Dr. Carol Tolman, Dr. Mary Dahlgren and more.

We are excited to share with you the top three webinars, blogs, and podcasts that you—our audience—made the most popular in 2020 (an extended library of on-demand content is also available on our website).

We look forward to sharing more engaging content with you in 2021, including our Social Emotional Learning Webinar series, with special guests like esteemed social emotional learning expert and author, Dr. Horacio Sanchez.
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Thank you for all of your support in 2020. We hope that 2021 will be a happy and healthy new year for all. Enjoy!

Our top webinars:

SCIENCE OF READING WEBINAR SERIES: Phonological Awareness, Reading, and Writing: What Teachers Need to Know
With Dr. Carol Tolman

Lift Overall Literacy through Centering Writing Instruction
With Dr. Leslie Laud

SCIENCE OF READING WEBINAR SERIES: How Executive Function Affects Early Childhood Language and Literacy Skills
With Dr. Lucy Hart Paulson

Our top blogs:

Implementing a Sound Wall: Because We Need to Distinguish Between Sounds and Letters
By Dr. Mary Dahlgren

Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing: What Teachers Need to Know About Phonemic Awareness
By Dr. Carol Tolman

Bigger Kids, Bigger Words: Reading Multisyllabic Words
By Dr. Wendy Farone

Our top podcasts:

Retire Your Word Wall: Why Sound Walls Support the Science of Reading
With Dr. Mary Dahlgren

Part 1: Visible Learning for Literacy: Maximizing Teacher Impact and Accelerating Student Learning
With John Hattie

Educator Accountability: Preparing for the Tough Literacy Challenges faced by English Language Learners
With Dr. Antonio Fierro

We thank you for supporting our EDVIEW360 programming!

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