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Give Students MORE this Summer

by EdView360 on Jan 25, 2018

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More this Summer

It’s January, and while many parts of the country are experiencing record amounts of snow and cold temperatures, we already are thinking about summer—sunshine, the end of school, and the inevitable summer slide in learning. But is the summer slide inevitable?

Research has shown students can lose up to two months of reading and spelling during the summer break. Research reveals:

  • Students scored lower on standardized tests at the end of summer than at the beginning
  • Reading and spelling abilities are impacted
  • Students can lose up to two months of math computational skills during the summer
  • Students with the biggest losses often are those already at high risk
  • Teachers tend to spend four to six weeks re-teaching material students have forgotten during the summer

However, there is good news. Research also indicates engaging and captivating summer learning programs help students stay on track and even gain skills during the summer to better prepare them for the next school year. 

There are a host of great programs specifically designed to fill learning gaps and help prevent summer learning loss. Vmath® Summer Adventure, REWARDS®, TimeWarp® Plus, and Step Up to Writing® are programs with flexible implementations that can be taught for a short period of time—and achieve lasting results. 

For example, TimeWarp Plus from Voyager Sopris Learning® is specifically designed to address summer learning loss in the areas of reading and writing. The program incorporates teacher-led instruction, small group interactions, self-selected reading passages, and writing and reflective thinking. 

For the past 10 years, teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District have used TimeWarp Plus as part of their summer school program. From kindergarten through middle school, the program virtually whisks students away to exotic lands where they have engaging adventures and are introduced to intriguing experiences—all while learning reading and writing skills along the way. 

Teachers from the district who used TimeWarp Plus experienced very positive results, year after year. Not only has the program improved academic skills but teachers report it also has decreased behavioral problems—making learning fun and engaging for the whole class.  

See TimeWarp Plus Students in Action


Want MORE for your students this summer? 

Learn how these solutions from Voyager Sopris Learning can help your teachers keep students on track this summer to achieve more and be more prepared to start the next school year.  

TimeWarp Plus is specifically designed to prevent summer learning loss and provide an exciting learning experience for students in grades K–9.


The goal of Vmath Summer Adventure is to help stop summer learning loss in grades K–8 and prepare students for the upcoming school year.


REWARDS is a powerful suite of short-term targeted reading interventions with flexible implementation options that yield long-term results in grades 4–12.  


Step Up to Writing offers unparalleled writing instruction designed for learners of all levels and types in grades K-12.


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