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Believe Literacy is Possible

by EdView360 on Sep 7, 2017

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When you encounter a struggling reader, what do you see? Can you see past the limitations to the potential within?

Most students who struggle to read do so for reasons that have nothing to do with intellect or capability. With the right instruction, some patience, and a caring teacher, every student can be more, achieve more, and prove they are more than the limitations that categorize them.

This fall, Voyager Sopris Learning® is shining a light on the potential within each student. Whatever the reason behind a student’s struggle to read, we want them to feel confident, successful, and capable. We know when teachers are armed with the right resources and training, they can help each student reach their potential.

We believe literacy is possible in every student because we have seen the confidence and motivation in those who experience literacy success and catch up to their peers. We have witnessed joy on the faces of students who overcome chronic setbacks and learn to read. Across the country, schools and districts that use our literacy intervention program, LANGUAGE!® Live—which is the cornerstone of our new I AM MORE campaign—have seen progress and success with their struggling readers. 

LANGUAGE! Live has been proven to help struggling students achieve literacy with almost two years’ growth in a single year. Meaning those students in grades 5–12 who were not engaged, were unmotivated, and seemed uninterested in reading can make amazing gains in a single school year. But most importantly, it means those students can move past the limits set by previous challenges—whether due to a first language other than English, poor attendance in lower grades, or other learning challenges. 


We want to share (and learn about) how educators are helping students see they are more, and that literacy is possible. As this new school year unfolds, you will see I AM MORE messages from us, and we will explain why we believe every child is more. With that in mind, we have created an inspiring video featuring real students to kick off our I AM MORE campaign. Take a look and tell us if you see the potential we do in these amazing students.

What do you see in your struggling students? Are they more than their challenges?

Visit believeliteracyispossible.com for more information, stories about student success, and helpful resources. Join us as we celebrate the potential in every student.

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