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Carol TolmanDr. Carol Tolman
Regina TeatRegina Teat

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What's Your Big-Picture Literacy Plan?
Ways to Impact Change in an At-Risk School

Why do schools need a big-picture plan that involves professional development for literacy?

The change process can be lengthy, messy, and uncomfortable. However, this type of change is essential and worthwhile, because it leads to empowered teachers and improved outcomes for students.

In this webinar, Dr. Tolman and Ms. Teat share how you can equip educators with the skills to teach reading and writing effectively. They will explore the 'why' of literacy planning, identify expected outcomes, and review commonalities all school leaders should consider when planning literacy professional development.

Dr. Carol Tolman is a LETRS® author and national teacher trainer. Regina Teat is Director of Elementary Education and Title 1 and 2 for Dorchester County Public Schools, Cambridge, MD.

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Louisa MoatsDr. Louisa Moats
Kimberly BennettKimberly Bennett
Alana CohenAlana Cohen

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Develop Your Teachers into Literacy Experts

When teachers understand the WHY behind the HOW of teaching reading, students make greater gains—and are on track for lifelong success.

Administrators from Rapides Parish School Board in Louisiana will share how they are achieving incredible K–3 literacy results and making great strides in improving reading and literacy—intervening before students fall too far behind. Dr. Louisa Moats will discuss strategies to help:

  • Address the professional development piece of your reading initiative
  • Equip your teachers with the skills to teach early foundational reading
  • Empower your teachers to set all students on a trajectory toward grade-level reading proficiency

Dr. Louisa Moats 
is the lead author of LETRS® (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling). Kimberly Bennett is Deputy Assistant Superintendent of curriculum and instruction, and Alana Cohen is a District ELA Curriculum Specialist K–5, Rapides Parish School Board, Louisiana.

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alisa-dormanDr. Monica Burns

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8 Ways Teachers Can Incorporate Technology in the Classroom

How are you using digital tools to meet the needs of students in your classroom?

Dr. Monica Burns will share strategies on how to integrate technology in the classroom with simple solutions you can implement immediately for long-term, sustainable change in your school. Learn how to make the most of the digital tools in your classroom, whether you have access to just one device or multiple devices, including Chromebooks, tablets, laptops, or interactive whiteboards.

Dr. Monica Burns is a Curriculum and EdTech consultant, Apple Distinguished Educator, and the founder of

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alisa-dormanAlisa Dorman
Steven Bailey
Steven Bailey

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Literacy Success for Struggling Readers: Strategies that Work

Without the right intervention tools, it’s nearly impossible to turn a struggling reader into a grade-level success. But with the right program in place, combined with effective teaching strategies, students can make remarkable gains.

This presentation will share best practices for fostering literacy skills in students who struggle, and will explore how to select a reading intervention program that will take your struggling readers to new levels of literacy success.

Alisa Dorman is Vice President of Research and Product Effectiveness at Voyager Sopris Learning and Former Executive Director, Office of Literacy for the Colorado Department of Education. Steven Bailey is Principal, Madison Middle School, Vista Unified School District in California.

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Alan NovemberAlan November

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Creating a New Culture of Teaching and Learning

Access to timely information and communication tools empowers educators to focus on the individual needs of their students, and lead to a wealth of benefits while helping to develop a strong learning community.

Always dynamic and fascinating, Alan November leads this exploration of the potent new culture of empowered teaching and fearless learning. Learn why thousands of educators turn to Alan November to become the best they can be—and get the most from their students. A question-and-answer session will give attendees the opportunity to ask Mr. November for direct responses to your most pressing challenges.

Alan November is an international leader in education technology and has been named one of the nation's 15 most influential thinkers.

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Carol TolmanDr. Carol Tolman

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Champion Change: How Teacher Knowledge Impacts Student Success

Learn why and how high-quality professional development impacts student literacy during this timely webinar, where literacy expert Dr. Carol Tolman will present applicable new information about:

  • Long-term literacy planning
  • Innovative professional development approaches
  • Building teacher knowledge of the science of reading

Learn how the new LETRS for 2018 improves teacher instruction with flexible, online training and embedded video that show you how to apply everything you learn.

Carol Tolman, Ed.D., LETRS coauthor and national teacher trainer.