'Learn the Ropes' for Reading and Teach Literacy with Success

Presented by Carolyn Gore, Caddo Public Schools, LA,
and Toni Backstrom, Voyager Sopris Learning
May 9, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. EST

Research over a number of years has indicated that a almost any child can learn to read, yet only one third are proficient, according to NAEP. Teachers across the country are fighting a losing battle in teaching literacy without the proper training and resources—the truth is teachers are working hard but need literacy-specific tools and training to impact student outcomes and change this statistic.

This helpful presentation, which uses information from Scarborough's Reading Rope, will help literacy educators "learn the Rope" to teach reading. Educator Carolyn Gore of Caddo Public Schools and Toni Backstrom of Voyager Sopris Learning will discuss blended learning approaches, online resources, and other tools designed to make teachers more effective and efficient in the way they teach reading. The presenters will explore the various strands of the 'Rope' and will demystify common misunderstandings while sharing best practices. Join us and see how you can help every student become a proficient reader!

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