Lorena Hendricks

Grammar! How to Make The Abstract More Concrete

Presented by Lorena Hendricks
May 25, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. EST

With all the abstract terminology used in grammar instruction it’s no wonder that our students shout out “person, place, or thing” whenever you ask them the meaning of any part of speech. That seems to be the only one they know. How do we move past teaching grammar in an abstract way and begin to incorporate concrete strategies? During this webinar we will discuss ways to make grammar more concrete and meaningful, and attendees will learn:

  1. Strategies for teaching grammar in a concrete way
  2. Key questions for teaching parts of speech
  3. A hands-on strategy for expanding and varying sentence structure.

About the Presenter
Lorena Hendricks serves as a Senior Implementation Coordinator for Voyager Sopris Learning. She is responsible for training groups of educators and administrators so that they can enhance the learning of the students in their schools and districts. She also provides in class coaching and model lessons, data interpretations, training on data management systems, and creating custom trainings for national and district level presentations. In presenting professional development Lorena aims to excite educators about research based and research validated programs. She has worked with the TOT process for LANGUAGE! which allows interns to be properly trained to go out and lead other groups. She has acted as a mentor for various interns and new trainers.

Prior to working for Voyager Sopris Learning, Lorena taught students from Pre-K to adult. Her students included ELL, students with IEPs, adult learners of other languages, and struggling students. She also acted as an area trainer for Fremont School District in the LANGUAGE! curriculum.

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