Leading Literacy Change

Authors: Darci Burns, Ph.D., Catherine Pirri, Sandra Jones
Grades: K-5

The odds of improving student literacy increase dramatically when engaged and informed leaders drive and support the high-fidelity implementation of research-based literacy programs. Key to changing student outcomes are building and sustaining teacher capacity using assessment of the current state of schools literacy; strategic action planning; and data-based implementation of core, supplemental, and intervention programs that are accompanied by effective leadership activities. 

Leading Literacy Change addresses:

  • Strategies for effectively planning a literacy initiative
  • Choosing instructional materials and using assessment data
  • The value of multi-tiered instruction and literacy block scheduling
  • Determining professional development needs for teachers
  • Clarifying roles and fostering collaboration among team members
  • Developing an effective assessment framework and interpreting data
  • Sustaining, and continuing to build upon, the initiative’s progress