When implementing LETRS, does it matter which instructional curriculum my district is using?

No. LETRS® is designed to improve teacher knowledge to increase educator confidence and effectiveness in reading instruction—no matter what the curriculum.

Do teachers need to first experience LETRS Foundations before moving into the core modules?

Depending on the depth of participants' literacy knowledge, they would start at either Foundations or Modules 1-3. Teachers of all grade levels are the intended audience for Foundations and Modules 1-6. Then, depending on the grade levels they teach, they would either take Modules 7-9 or Module 10 in addition. If they teach all grades, they would take all modules.

Is LETRS grade-level specific?

No. It is not grade-level specific. LETRS is professional development to support the incorporation of the latest reading research into everyday classroom practice across all grade levels.

Could the LETRS diagnostic assessments in Module 8 be used as placement for the Phonics and Spelling Through Phoneme-Grapheme Mapping program?

Yes. The diagnostic spelling inventory in Module 8 can be used as a placement test for many intervention programs.

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