Connecting LETRS to the Classroom

Authors: Deborah R. Glaser, Louisa C. Moats, and Mary Dahlgren
Grades: K-12

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Help LETRS-Trained Teachers Be More Successful

Reinforce and deepen teachers’ knowledge of effective reading instruction with this online extension of LETRS, designed with improved classroom teaching in mind. Specifically designed for delivery within a professional learning community (PLC) setting, this series of 15 one-hour online sessions builds on and reinforces the knowledge acquired in LETRS professional development, and allows teachers to:

  • Work at their own pace with time for reflection, practice, and to collaborate with colleagues
  • View modeling of research-proven teacher practices and routines that support effective instruction
  • Apply and learn while using student work from their own classrooms
  • Gain confidence in their ability and knowledge as they progress

Connecting LETRS to the Classroom includes 40 activities in:

+ Phoneme awareness

+ Phonics

+ Fluency

+ Vocabulary and Text Comprehension

This in-depth coverage helps teachers expand their understanding of the
topics presented in earlier LETRS modules.

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A supplemental online course to LETRS

LETRS comprehensive professional development responds to the growing need for high-quality support for literacy educators. More than any other professional development, LETRS teaches and prepares educators for the challenging work of teaching literacy.
Developed by top literacy experts
Developed by top literacy experts to reinforce research-based teaching principles
Interactive online activites
Interactive online activites build on learning and check for understanding
Classroom footage models best teaching practices
Classroom footage models best teaching practices and supports classroom application