Velocity LogoWhat is Velocity?

Velocity® is a revolutionary K-5 adaptive reading program that enables teachers to provide real 1:1 instruction in the classroom. Using advanced computer technology to optimize learning, Velocity helps educators provide the best and most effective instruction precisely when and how each student needs it most.

Why Velocity?

  • Three times more interaction between teacher and student
  • Real-time adaptability
  • Immediate, actionable data
  • Magnified teacher impact
  • Student engagement in a vibrant digital universe



Motivating for Students and Teachers

Velocity is the next generation of adaptive learning, transcending all other technologies by optimizing every aspect of a classroom. It optimizes the way teachers teach, the way students learn and the way education is experienced. Imagine a technology that motivates, empowers and enhances both teachers and students—that’s the Velocity experience.


Velocity transforms the classroom by putting every student at the center of learning. A Velocity classroom:

  • Provides personalized 1:1 instruction
  • Continuously analyzes student performance, demographics, historical data, grade-level expectations, systematic patterns and more
  • Provides real-time data that teachers can use
  • Provides exciting storylines and a vibrant universe that engages students, building confidence and involvement
  • Easy to implement
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