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Solutions to Top 5 Middle School Math Challenges

Increasingly complex math expectations cause challenges for both students and teachers in middle school. Teachers are challenged to teach so many topics in so little time, connect learning to the real world, fill in foundational gaps for some learners while advancing all learners, and motivate all learners. Students are challenged to reach higher math expectations—which can be daunting for students who never quite grasped foundational math skills—and to find relevance for the math they are learning.


Here are some tips from the new edition of Vmath® for keeping students on track and motivated by filling foundational math gaps, connecting concepts to the “real world,” and saving teachers time so they can focus on teaching what needs to be mastered.

Each of these tips and tools is part of the new edition of Vmath®, a targeted math intervention for struggling students in grades 2–8 that provides additional opportunities to master critical grade-level standards. The new Third Edition delivers focused, standards-based instruction, while also providing the foundational skills necessary for grade-level success.

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