Before You Start

Download the Velocity® Quick Start Guide and login at

If you are a district or campus user and would like to have a short planning call to discuss training, school/class/student set up, implementation suggestions and more, please e-mail and let us know a time that is best for you. Click here to sign up to attend online training.

Step 1

If you are not already familiar with Velocity, start your journey by watching this big-picture introduction.

Watch Intro Video

Step 2

Watch the videos below to learn how both students and teachers get started with Velocity. Download the Student Quick Reference Guide to pass out to students.

How to Log In As a Teacher

How to Add a Student


The Teacher Dashboard

Student Intro Video

Step 3

Watch the Implementation video that will guide you in identifying how you intend to implement Velocity. After that, you’re ready to go! If you need additional help along your journey, reference the Support tab to locate training modules about various topics.

Watch Implementation Video