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Maureen Auman, the author of Step Up to Writing, has provided staff development for elementary, middle, high school, and parent/family groups since 1987. She has taught the Step Up to Writing reading and writing strategies in graduate-level courses since 1989. As a consultant, she has worked with teachers and administrators in Colorado and throughout the country. Her active, hands-on workshops and presentations have received rave reviews at local, state, and national conferences. Contact Maureen at The Read-Write Connection: (727) 408-5823; e-mail

  • How Writing Strategies Empower Students and Teachers

    Posted By Maureen Auman | Sep 02, 2015

    Using Writing Strategies Is a Shared Responsibility As I shared the reading and writing strategies discussed in Part 1 of this blog series, word spread about the success middle school students were having with them. Over time, I met with teachers from various subject areas and grade levels. They then used the strategies to help their students learn, remember, and apply content. One team of intermediate-level teachers attended my workshops, learned the strategies, and used them with their third, fourth, and fifth grade students. They posted charts in their classrooms that listed the strategies that would be taught and used during the school year. After only a few months, these teachers changed the title of their charts from “Strategies You Will Learn” to “Strategies You Are Expected to Use.”

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  • Beyond What You Did This Summer: Writing to Boost Success Across Subjects, All Year

    Posted By Maureen Auman | Aug 26, 2015

    ncreasing Achievement Through Writing, Part 1 A Brave Young Teacher Several years ago I shared writing strategies with a large group of middle school teachers and administrators – well over a hundred educators from all grades and subject areas. Everyone participated enthusiastically all morning as I demonstrated note taking, summarizing, responding to text, breaking down definitions, and asking or answering questions.

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