Edplicity Learning Platform

Edplicity Teaching and Learning Platform

  • K-12

Best-In-Class Web-Based Platform

Organize. Search. Share. Collaborate.

Education is Complex. Our Platform is Simple.

The Edplicity learning platform is a cloud-based solution that helps teachers and students organize and seamlessly share content inside and outside the classroom.

It is designed to improve instruction and increase student achievement with a technology platform that organizes instructional materials, tags them to standards, and encourages engagement and interaction through the social learning features, which lead to greater teacher and student success.

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Serves as a central location for instructional resources; Cloud-based solution with unlimited storage for instructional content

Saves time and ensures 24/7 access to content—teachers spend more time teaching and less time finding and organizing materials

Content and Achievement

Enables teachers and students to access curriculum content online

Brings instruction to life online!


Helpful CCSS search tools and content aligned with CCSS

Teachers can locate targeted content immediately and tag it for easy access later

Collaboration & Social Learning

Real-time teacher and student collaboration and differentiation; centralized professional learning communities

Increases quality of instruction and student engagement


Increase innovation and enables teachers to pull in and store multimedia resources that enhance instruction; desktop & mobile ready

Engages students with multimedia lessons and learning tools


Secured access and data in a confidential network

Totally safe learning environment


User-friendly navigation and content organization

Easy to use—regardless of technology experience

From desktops to iPads, users can effortlessly upload, organize, edit, and share content. As an advanced cloud solution, Edplicity enables teachers and students to experience the best of cloud storage, content management, and collaboration in a social media-enabled environment.

Instructional Solutions Offered in Edplicity
Voyager Passport with Edplicity
Voyager Passport intervenes early to accelerate learning for students who need supplemental instruction to master priority reading skills and strategies. This blended solution…
TransMath® is an intensive mastery-based intervention solution for middle and high school students (grades 5-10) who are falling two or more years below grade level...
Passport Reading Journeys
with Edplicity

Combines high-interest, action-packed reading expeditions with evidence-based instruction to capture interest and accelerate learning...

Bringing It All Together:
Building a Digital
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Michael Ficara
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