The eSolution Instructional Approach: A Blend of Online and Face-to-Face Instruction

eSolution has four components: teacher-led instruction, peer fluency practice, independent online vocabulary and comprehension activities, and data analysis with targeted intervention. Experience each component of eSolutionwatch the video first, then click on the four parts of the instructional model for a detailed walk-through.

The eSolution Instructional Sequence:

  1. Students practice Six-Minute Solution partner fluency reading
  2. Teachers lead whole- and small-group vocabulary and comprehension classroom instruction
  3. Students complete online vocabulary and comprehension assignments independently
  4. Student results are immediately available in the teacher reporting system
  5. Teachers bring students back together for further instruction in the areas in which they struggle
  6. Students play incentivized educational memory games online and earn points by successfully completing online assignments

Click on the four parts of the instructional model for a detailed walk-through

Teacher-Led Instruction

In eSolution, teacher-led instruction happens in two ways: 1) using the core instruction to provide general reading instruction and 2) using the reading comprehension activities and mini-lessons included in eSolution. View samples of these activities and mini-lessons.


eSolution Comprehension Sample

Peer-to-Peer Interaction/Fluency Practice

eSolution utilizes repeated reading with peers to increase students’ fluency. Fluency goals are clearly articulated on the Hasbrouck Tindall fluency chart.  Teachers manually enter fluency results into the data-management system.

How Does Fluency Work? It Takes Six Minutes

eSolution fluency takes 6 minutes

Sample Fluency Passages

eSolution Independent Online Component

To experience the Independent Online Student component of eSolution, fill out the form below and we will email you a user ID and password promptly. If you have any questions about eSolution or would like more information, contact your eSolution specialist at 800-547-6747, extension 489.

Response to Results

Results from students’ fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension activities can be viewed in the eSolution data-management system. Based on the results, educators use additional eSolution instructional tools to provide immediate, targeted intervention support.

How Does Intervention Work?

  1. Student reads passage 301—White, Brown, and Black: The Bear Facts Download Lesson
  2. Teacher analyzes reports and finds students struggling with Drawing Conclusions, Fact and Opinions, and Cause and Effect View Report
  3. Teacher selects a same-leveled passage (passage 324) that targets the areas in which students are struggling most Download Lesson
  4. Teacher provides intervention instruction Download Teacher Guide

eSolution Passage 301
Passage 301

eSolution Passage 324
Passage 324

eSolution Teacher Guide Passage 324
Teacher Guide

Additional Reports:
Individual Student Report | Class report

eSolution Blended Model Features and Benefits


Teacher-led small-group and whole-class vocabulary and comprehension instruction is easily differentiated, structured, and supportive of varying learning styles, promoting increased opportunities for mastery of skills

Peer-to-Peer Interaction

Peer-to-peer fluency reading teaches students to read deeply and closely through peer modeling, support, and shared practice promoting academic and social development

Independent Online

Vocabulary and comprehension assignments provide immediate feedback and opportunities to self-correct, engaging and empowering students to see their growth and realize their potential

Respond to Results

Online lessons generate important data, helping educators monitor individual student and whole-class progress to inform next steps in instruction

eSolution Materials Provide a Powerful Blended Model of Instruction That's Motivating for Students and Teachers

eSolution provides everything a teacher needs to implement the program with ease and fidelity, including:

  • a combination of explicit instructional guides and research
  • online and printable resources
  • online student assessments
  • data-management system that provides the teacher with detailed reports to guide and inform instruction

Powerful Digital Components that Students Really Want—and Teachers Really Need

Students read informational passages online and answer multiple-choice, cloze, and short-answer questions about the passages. Online vocabulary and comprehension activities take about 10-20 minutes to complete.

Detailed Reports and Data Guide Progress Monitoring and Inform Instruction

The VPORT® data-management system allows teachers to track classroom and individual student progress to adjust instruction to meet student needs. The date-management system makes placement, assignments, and monitoring student progress quick and easy.

eSolution Sample Gamer

Try it Now!

My students look forward to going to the lab each week to work on the eSolution quizzes for their passages. They know that doing the fluency timings in class is helping their overall comprehension and reading fluency, and their knowledge will show in the comprehension and vocabulary questions they answer on the computer. They get super jazzed when they see how they’ve done and can move on to the language games!

Margaret Bergamin Epperson
4th Grade Teacher
Del Sur Elementary
Poway Unified School District
San Diego, California