Vmath 3rd Edition

Vmath Third Edition

  • 2-8

Vmath Third Edition Now Available!

Significant enhancements have been made to reflect the rigorous math performance expectations in the CCSS and TEKS and other state-specific standards, while the best parts of Vmath have been preserved: intuitive lesson design, integration of the award-winning VmathLive® online math practice and Gizmos® online math simulations, scaffolded instruction, progress-monitoring assessment powered by the Quantile Framework®, and online data management and reporting.

Vmath is a results-driven, research-based intervention for students in grades 2–8 to deliver explicit, modular-based instruction. It is a great tool to use with Tier II students who require math intervention in addition to core instruction.

Vmath Third Edition provides a strong intervention that:

  • Wraps around any core math program and provides additional support in the skills expected by new more rigorous standards
  • Provides an easy delivery model to address the needs of students requiring more instruction
  • Focuses on the important benchmarks for each grade, while providing foundational lessons to help scaffold the instruction
  • Provides several different conceptual development models, instruction in problem solving, and incorporates procedural and fluency skill building

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The Specifics


Vmath Third Edition Supports CCSS, TEKS, and
State-Specific Standards by:

  • Focusing on the standards of each grade level, reinforcing the skills taught in the classroom and the skills students struggle with most
  • Building upon the coherence and progression of the standards
  • Incorporating rigor into the intervention solution by providing conceptual development, procedural skill and fluency, as well as application activities such as writing, manipulatives, and the new and quick Math Flash lesson

Deliver Vmath Third Edition Digitally

The new release is available for implementation in August 2014 through a digital-only delivery method or through a blended lesson format (digitally and print) in October 2014, and will have new problem-solving strategies and exercises and a new digital environment for both teachers and students.

eBooks offer a rich, interactive format of Vmath Third Edition and work on any device. eBooks provide embedded multimedia links, search capability, pages viewable as thumbnails, and analytics—students can see the time they spend on an assignment in text and percent complete.


With eBooks, Collaboration and Sharing is Easy!


Students can "write" on their digital books and share those notes (annotations within text) with other students and teacher

Teacher can share annotated notes with all students or specific students

Students can use keyboard
or pen to show work on assignments and then submit to teacher

Teacher can assign annotated assignments to students

Students can view reviewed work for immediate feedback

Teacher can grade assignments online and send back to student

Implementation is Flexible to Meet Your Schedule

Implementation is even more flexible with this Third Edition. By providing 40-45 minutes (recommended) or 20-30 minutes (flexible option) of daily, targeted instruction, students learn and practice essential math concepts, skills, and problem-solving strategies and receive extensive feedback from teachers.

With new digital-delivery options, students and teachers are even more engaged in connecting critical skills and problem-solving strategies to real-world learning.

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